App Features



The layout features show how you can build up the data that you need to show in the project. The layout options allow you to: create a new layout, add equipment, change what is already associated with the project, review and change space requirements for project equipment. Layout section of the menu divides for: Setup, Compose and Views.



This option allows you to identify the layout under review and rename, update, or delete it as required. It also gives you the options of setting basic layout information such as units, overall dimensions, and elevation, and assign unique codes as identifiers.



This section of the menu lets compose equipment on the layout. Precision items placement can be invaluable with large and complex projects.



Every layout you can see as 2D or 3D view. You got two blueprints - plan view and front view, with dimensions from origins of layout. Simple 3D view shows equipment as cubic and cylinder. 3D plus view shows 3d models in STL format.


Equipment Library

You can access the Equipment menu through the Manage section of the Main Menu. There are number of fields that help identifies the equipment. Name, Catalog Number, Width, Depth, & Height, its Weight, and its Price. You can also add both a picture and a 3D model in STL format. All that data allows you to setup the library of equipment.



Instance is an exact replica of selected equipment. Instance is placed in a project's layout and has coordinate x, y, h & rotate. Once you have created a new instance, you can access the Instance menu through the Manage section of the Main Menu.


Bill Of Material allows several different elements of the project to record and analyzed. The main area that can populate is the Bill of Materials (BOM).



This option allows you to setup parameters of workspace: Date and Time format, BOM Currency, Layout and Equipment dimension limits. You can access the Settings menu through the Manage section of the Main Menu.


Export 2D View to PDF

You can save 2D views in PDF format. Share files easily with your co-workers. Access your data on any device.


Export 3D View to STL

You can save 3D views in STL format. Saved layouts could be reuse as 3D models for new equipment or use for 3D printing.


Export BOM to Excel

You can save BOM in Excel format, next use for more complexes analyzes. Share files with your co-workers.