Who Are We?

Prepare Zone LLC, has focused on the research and development of Graphics & CAD software since 2017. We aim to make professional CAD design and Factory Layout Design capability accessible to everyone.

Why Did We Develop prepare.zone?

Believe that the 3d model is the best way to convey a message and propagate an idea. Our team is passionate of 3d to share our thoughts and showcase industrial plants. Usually, a professional 3d model, helps to advertise businesses, make presentations, and showcase products. But, creating a 3d model of factory layout is not easy, and it often requires a great deal of time, talent and money.

We've been thinking about how to simplify the cumbersome process of 3d modeling. And allow everyone to create amazing 3d models even without any advanced skills. Eventually, we launch prepare.zone, an easy-to-use Factory Layout Design app. That helps businesses create 3d models of industrial plants with ease.